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The First (and maybe last) VE OC Q&A!

Just for kicks, we thought it'd be fun to do a Q&A for our very own Valkyrie Express original characters. Basically, ask a question to anyone on this list and they will come out to answer it.


- IC or OOC, it doesn't matter.

- No plot line questions, this is just for silliness. And any questions asked for that will result in...unfortunate consequences for the one asking.

- Have fun and have some crack~

[[ Btw, this isn't an April Fool's Day post. :{P You may, indeed, do as the entry says. ]]

Mission 1 Results

Attention, passengers!

Here are the results of the first mission. Thanks to group effort, the snow pile was cleared from the front of the train, thus enabling a safe and prompt retreat from Mt. Avalanche. Due to this, access to a certain artifact has been granted.

Details, please read!Collapse )


As of this moment, the train has now departed from Mt. Avalanche. All passengers have been boarded to the train, either on their own or by...other means. We are on our way to the next location, which is rather far away.

Thank you for traveling on the Valkyrie Express!

Mission 1 Cleared!

Congratulations, everyone! The Mt. Avalanche mission has officially been cleared! All participating passengers have had their tickets updated with a commemorative markup.

Updated TicketsCollapse )

This is also a reminder that the Valkyrie Express will be departing from Mt. Avalanche later today, March 24th. If there is a local attraction you would like to visit, please do so soon! Also, the spoils of this mission will be announced soon.

That is all for now, thank you!

New player!

....how do I not have a "smiling" icon. :/ I'll fix that.

Anyhoo! Hello all! I'm Fetchie, and I'm brand-new here, having stumbled upon the game....somehow, after far too long searching for a quiet, friendly multifandom! Thrilled to see so many rare fandoms and I hope to have a lot of fun playing with you all, and to be fun to play with. XP

I've brought along with me Isis Ishtar from Yu-Gi-Oh (because....shut up), taken from her world before all the ~horrible family-rendering SPOILERS~ occur that mess her whole family up but good. If you don't know the story, Isis has been raised in a tomb under the ground in Egypt, awaiting the eventual return of a Pharaoh whose lost memory her family's sworn to guard. (How said Pharaoh is supposed to FIND them when they're all living in secret under the ground and he has no memories, no one has apparently considered in the past 3,000 years.)

She's ventured aboveground a few times and knows the local town and its modern conveniences well enough, but her view of the world is still a little - antiquated, so to say. Interacting with people from aboveground and their modern technology and their "everything that isn't a tomb in the desert" will likely be quite the adventure. XD XD By all means, show no mercy. She can take it. Probably. XD

Glad to be joining you all~

Asuka wants YOU...to vote.

As we did long ago, we are conducting a poll to determine which location the train will head to that has been previously visited. I didn't use Spring Lights Carnival because it was just a seasonal diversion (not a town/city) and I'm not listing Mt. Avalanche because we are currently there. This is a great chance to visit somewhere that you as a mun might have missed out on in the past or...just because you really loved it. XD

So yeah, cast a vote, puh-leeze. And this is NOT to be done IC-ly. Thus, use one character journal to vote just ONCE. And in the comments, give a reason why you picked what you did if you like!

ETA: Btw, click on the links on the poll. Each one links to the hot spot list for the previous places. :D

Poll #1718213 Previous VE locales II

Which previously visited location would you want the train to go to again?



I'm cutting down on a few RP characters, and unfortunately, Aang here is one of the ones on the chopping block. I'm really sorry to any CR he's gotten! Maybe I'll bring him back in the future someday.

Wow I suck

 Guess who got ~FABULOUSLY ILL!~

Is it:

A) Me.
B) Me!
C) ...Me.
D) All of the above!

If you answered...any of those, you would be very correct!

......i'm better now though

you can lynch me if you want

Mission 1

:: Jingle :: Attention passengers!

We hope you have found Mt. Avalanche to your liking! However, an emergency situation has arisen that needs passengers' cooperation.

Click to read more...Collapse )


Important Announcement

A blizzard has been forecasted to hit the area of Mt. Avalanche tonight, beginning at 8PM and being predicted to end at 8AM tomorrow morning. All passengers are to take shelter inside the train or at the Moonlit Inn until the danger has passed. There will be an additional 5 to 10 inches added to what has already been accumulated on the ground.

Also, remember to rehearse for the singing competition, which will begin in the evening on March 28th.