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Mission 2

:: Jingle :: Attention passengers!

We hope you have found Harald Mansion to your liking! However, an emergency situation has arisen that needs passengers' cooperation.

Mission 5: Harald Mansion

The mission for this scheduled station stop has been decided!

Type: Retrival

Objective: To retrieve a flask of vampire's blood in the attic

Deadline: Sunday, May 1

Requirements: None

Although no special powers are required for this mission, characters that can defend themselves might be ideal for this one.

Clear Conditions: 40+ Comment Combo

For this event to be considered a success, there must be a log involving multiple characters taking on the mission with a thread that goes for at least 40 comments. Other than that, pretty much anything goes!

To "sign up" for the event mission, comment on this post with which character(s) you're planning on participating with. There is no obligation to take part, and you don't have to use all (or just one) of your characters. Conductor-san may put up an official mission log once a good number of characters have been signed up.

Good luck!

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