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Harald Mansion Hot Spots

Harald Mansion is a large, spooky looking mansion that sits by itself in an area surrounded by forest. Here is an image of what said mansion looks like.

Outdoors - Once one comes out of the train, they will notice that they are near a desolate forest under a perpetually cloudy sky. Following a paved path, it will lead right into the entrance of the mansion. Beware, going off the pathway will take you deeper into the forest. Various creatures (mostly of the Pokemon variety) dwell there, so be prepared to engage them in combat.

Mansion - No one lives in the mansion anymore, having been abandoned for at least one hundred years. Beware of strange noises when entering, including howling and shrieking. Here is what is contained within:

Living Room - All of the furniture here is covered with white sheets, which are in turn covered in dust and cobwebs. There is a fireplace off on the east side of the wall, but lighting it will cause a poltergeist to come out.

Kitchen - A seemingly ordinary kitchen, except the utensils have a tendency to fly about. Be careful when entering this room!

Dining Room - A normal looking dining room...or is it?

Downstairs Bedroom - One can feel free to stay here, but strange noises can be heard in the middle of the night.

Up the stairs

Upstairs Bedroom - Another room that be can inhabited. The lights flicker on and off randomly.

Library - A library with many different books, all covered in more dust. Picking one up may also trigger it to get a mind of its own...

Den - An empty room with nothing except a coffin in the middle...

Attic - Treasures of all kinds can be found in here, from jewelry to flasks of mystical liquids. However, it is heavily guarded by a malicious spirit. Do NOT come in here alone.

~Those are all the potential places to go. Any questions can be asked here if necessary.~
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