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*pokes head back in*

Hey guys,

I'm really sorry to have been gone for so long (though it looks like things have been slow, in general). School got crazier, I got fanfic ideas - and I've just plain been negligent. It's not fair of me to flake out like that, and I apologize.

I'd like to give it another go, so if you'll have me maybe we can just say Isis has been ill, or something. It's not unlikely that she'd have caught something given the whole grew-up-underground thing.

Anyway, it doesn't look like things have been too active (is everything/everyone all right?) but if I haven't idled out and it's okay, I'd love to be a part of the community again.



As of this moment, the train has now departed from Harald Mansion. All passengers have been boarded to the train, either on their own or by...other means. We are on our way to the next location, which is still far away.

Thank you for traveling on the Valkyrie Express!

Say Hi to the Dead Guy

 'Sup y'all? Maddi here, intro'ing my fourth character, the extremely misguided and somewhat evil Yomiel from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. Like many of my characters (three of four, at this point...) he is deceased, but that's okay~ His dead-ness gives him neat ghostly powers, and he's possessing his own corpse, so it's not like he can't do everything a normal person can. Except age. He's not good at that one.

Anyway, he and his crazy hair are going to be kicking around from now on hating pretty much everyone and haunting the train, so try and be nice, even if he's not going to return the favor. I promise he'll be less of an ass someday.

Mission 2

:: Jingle :: Attention passengers!

We hope you have found Harald Mansion to your liking! However, an emergency situation has arisen that needs passengers' cooperation.

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Heals LFG VE -- I mean, Intro Time!

Guess who's hopping on the Pokemon bandwagon?

Thaaaat's right! It's  strangerofblue here, bringing along Yellow from the (superior) Pokemon manga.

...And that's all I have to say on the subject. Expect a post from her soon!

A through M are dead. I am N.

Alright, here is Raf with a new kid on the block, just in time for the new stop.

This is N, of recent fame for his appearance in Pokémon Black and White. He's a free spirit, but has a mouth on him, so don't take his opinions too harshly. Due to the popular consensus that Black is the "more canonical" version compared to White (and Black is the one I played), I will be taking most of the divergences from the darker half of the whole.

Also, I need more icons. But I will fix that later. :\ See you all around!

Harald Mansion Hot Spots

Harald Mansion is a large, spooky looking mansion that sits by itself in an area surrounded by forest. Here is an image of what said mansion looks like.

Outdoors - Once one comes out of the train, they will notice that they are near a desolate forest under a perpetually cloudy sky. Following a paved path, it will lead right into the entrance of the mansion. Beware, going off the pathway will take you deeper into the forest. Various creatures (mostly of the Pokemon variety) dwell there, so be prepared to engage them in combat.

Mansion - No one lives in the mansion anymore, having been abandoned for at least one hundred years. Beware of strange noises when entering, including howling and shrieking. Here is what is contained within:

Living Room - All of the furniture here is covered with white sheets, which are in turn covered in dust and cobwebs. There is a fireplace off on the east side of the wall, but lighting it will cause a poltergeist to come out.

Kitchen - A seemingly ordinary kitchen, except the utensils have a tendency to fly about. Be careful when entering this room!

Dining Room - A normal looking dining room...or is it?

Downstairs Bedroom - One can feel free to stay here, but strange noises can be heard in the middle of the night.

Up the stairs

Upstairs Bedroom - Another room that be can inhabited. The lights flicker on and off randomly.

Library - A library with many different books, all covered in more dust. Picking one up may also trigger it to get a mind of its own...

Den - An empty room with nothing except a coffin in the middle...

Attic - Treasures of all kinds can be found in here, from jewelry to flasks of mystical liquids. However, it is heavily guarded by a malicious spirit. Do NOT come in here alone.

~Those are all the potential places to go. Any questions can be asked here if necessary.~


Harald Mansion

We have now arrived at the Harald Mansion, where we shall stay from April 15th until May 2nd.

A list of hot spots will be provided very soon. Hope your stay is enjoyable!

New Station Stop

Attention all passengers!

The Valkyrie Express will soon be making its next stop! On Friday, April 15th, the train will arrive at Harald Manor, an abandoned old mansion with a reputation for being inhabited by spirits and monsters! We hope you all enjoy this next stop!

Singing Contest Results!

Attention all passengers!

The singing contest log will now be officially closed, and a winning pair has been decided.

The winners of the contest are... Alphonse and Isis!

As a reward, they have been given the Gold Bangle and Silver Bangle, two items that had yet to be claimed from the past. The wearer of the Silver Bangle is bestowed with regenerative healing, while the wearer of the Gold Bangle becomes able to conjure bursts of dark energy. Alphonse and Isis are responsible for deliberating between themselves on who keeps which.

And that's that. The train's next stop will be announced soon, but until then, enjoy your time on board!